Fire protection of property objects

Autonomous fire-fighting system
based on USP-101


Autonomous fire-fighting system

FIRES — uncontrolled burning, causing material damage, damage to life and health of individuals. Fires cause direct irretrievable damage. Fires rapidly develop to large, followed by explosions if there are flammable materials in the building, additionally endangering working fire brigades.

SOLUTION  is to install the autonomous fire protection systems based on USP-101 with any powder, aerosol or gaseous fire extinguishers.

ADVANTAGES — low cost fire protection systems do not require change and maintain of batteries and other system elements. They do not require category upgrade and any electricity, run in any climate conditions, serve ten years without any system element replacement guaranteed. Our systems have no exploitation spending, have no false positives, extinguish all kinds of materials including electrical powered, have high performance, environmentally friendly.

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